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    Welcome to the home of the WheelLugGaugeTMthe Patented Pocket Size Tool which quickly measures the bolt pattern, of wheels and hubs. For all popular cars and light trucks, foreign and domestic. Just say, "Wheel Lug Gauge," as one word with three syllables.

    We manufacture the WheelLugGauge™, the must-have tool for any Car Enthusiast or Professional.   

 Can we build a  WheelLugGauge™ for you?

    At some point as an Auto Enthusiast or Professional,  this is the Tool you have needed, but did not know existed. 

    I recommend you do what the Pro's and 1000's of Do It Yourselfers do and get your own WheelLugGauge™, to verify the mounting pattern, as some makes and models have different sizes in the same year. 

    I feel privileged to own a company in which I could be of service to so many people over the last few years.

Thanks for stopping by and Enjoy Your Visit,

DJ Edman Proprietor

    Since 1991 we have been collecting info  for the "Pocket Guide"  we ship with every WheelLugGaugeTM. We invite you to check out, Auto Wheel Info . . . which started as a place for our customers, to keep up to date on bolt patterns.  Auto Wheel Info . . . is a great source for information on bolt patterns, offsets, load ratings, speed ratings, rim width, lowered trucks, and much more. Our customers have told us the "Pocket Guide" we ship with every  WheelLugGaugeTM is worth as much as the WheelLugGaugeTM  itself.  If you would like to try one yourself  Click Here and if you don't agree we will buy it back!  

    If you have any information that you feel should be here and would like to share it, please let us know.  Click Here to Contact Us.


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