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Recently, members have reported suspicious-looking emails and fake websites. These fraudulent emails that may address you as "anything"  These emails are not from will only address you by your first or last name, or the business name associated with the access.

Use the following tips to protect your access:

  1. Safely access the website by opening up a new web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) and type in the following:
  2. Never give out the following information in an email:

    bulletFirst name, last name, business name

    bulletEmail and password combination

    bulletCredit card, bank account, and PIN number

    bulletSocial security and driver's license number

  3. Do not download attachments, software updates, or any application to your computer via a link you received in an email. "anything" will not ask you to download anything for your access to work.

  4. If you think you have received a fraudulent email, please forward the entire email to xspam and then delete it.

  5. Please remember: THE BEST WAY TO STOP SPAM, IS NOT TO RESPOND.  Trust me, if nobody responds they will go away!!! 

Thank you for your help,



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Updated on Tuesday, February 03, 2015

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