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U.S. Patent 5,412,878

How to measure the bolt pattern of a hub. Model 45 How to measure the bolt pattern of a wheel.
Match wheel to 
lug bolt patterns with WheelLugGauges Fast
bulletJust say, "Wheel Lug Gauge," as one word with three syllables.
bulletModel 45, measures the bolt pattern (bolt circle), of wheels and hubs with four or five lug bolts.
bulletWheelLugGaugeTM, accurately measures the centerline distance between neighboring lug bolt holes of a wheel or the lug bolts of a hub.
bulletQuickly determines the mounting pattern of all popular cars and light trucks, foreign and domestic.
bulletThe ergonomic design permits easy one hand use with exceptional control by putting the fingers in the recess of the back and the thumb on the adjustable leg.

What others say:

"I am impressed with the quality and usefulness of the tool and think it a worthwhile addition to any enthusiast's tool box."

Richard Prince

Classic Auto Restorer

"This is a handy little tool we've been trying to find for a long time. It measures the bolt pattern on wheels quickly and accurately."

"The WheelLugGaugeTM is extremely compact, so it won't take up much space when you stash it in your toolbox, and will fit nicely in your pocket when you hit the swaps and junkyards. Complete with instructions and a quick-reference chart, this is a must-have tool for any Auto guy."

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Can we build a WheelLugGauge™ for you?

this includes a Quick Reference Mounting Guide, with instructions and tips.

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